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We have the most comprehensive manufacturing facilities for productions. It includes Gravity Die Casting, Small Forgings, Steel Fabrication, Hot Dip Galvanizing, Machining, Wire Forming Pipe bending, Aluminium welding, Press Shop, etc. A Comprehensive integrated tool room enables the company to produces special fittings of desired designs within fastest possible time. Hardware can be made according to any standard specification & interchangeability with that of the same make is assured by strict dimensions and gauge check.

Production is guided by strict implementation of Quality Plans approved by the customers. Regular training of manpower and with periodical upgradation in manufacturing techniques, the company aims to achive zero defect within a very shortime.

Performing Machine for Armor Rod (X 2 no.) Hi- Tech
Wire Draw Machine 15 H.P KWPL
Wire Pointing Machine 1 H.P. SPARKON
Ball Ending Machine 1 H.P. (X 3 no.) Vishal , Crompton
Bench Grinder Vishal
Bench Grinder - 0.75 H.P. Indian Make, Sun-Rise
Lathe Machine (x 2 no.) Punjab  
Bench Drilling Machine SKP
Power Press - 150 Ton Mankoo
Power Press - 100 Tons Mankoo
Power Press - 75 Tons Ameteep
Power Press - 50 Ton Basant
Power Press - 25 Ton Shailesh
Power Press Machine - 5 Tons Vijay
Tube Polishing Machine Rohit Polisher
Pipe Bending Machine (x 2 no.) Hi- Te ch
Aluminium Pipe Champering Machine (x 3 no.) V.K.Engineering, Dewalt, Harve
Mig Welding Machine - Auto K-600 ESAB
Mig Welding Machine - CPR - 400 Advani
Buffing Spindle - 3 H.P. (x 3 no.) Vijay
Belt Grinder Rohit Polisher
Forging Machine - 200 Ton Birson
Forging Machine - 50 Ton Birson
Blower - 2 H.P. Pullman
Heavy Duty Grinder Punjab
Oil Pumping unit for Forging M/c & Die Casting Furnace ROTODEL
Aluminium Die Casting Furnace MPE
Air Compressor - H.P. INGERSOL
Electronic Weighing Scale - 1000 Kgs Essae Teraoka Ltd.
Electronic Weighing Scale - 500 Kgs ROMAN
Arc Welding Machine Techweld
Arc Welding Machine (Oil Cooled) Satguru
Band Saw Machine Intimate Machine Tools  
Drilling Machine - 16 mm S.K.Panchal  
Drilling Machine 19 Ø KMP Panchal  
Drilling Machine 20 mm Thakoor  
Drilling Machine 25 Ø (x 5 no.) Suraj, Visaman  
Drilling Machine - 38 Ø Visaman  
Drilling Machine - 45 Ø Suraj  
Drilling Machine - 50 Ø (x 3 no.) Lucky  
Disc Grinder - 0.75 H.P. Vijay  
Tapping Machine Telco, Pune  
Threading Machine 40 Ø NBESON  
Capstan Lathe - 4 Feet R TOS  
Center Lathe - 4 Feet (x 2 no.) PSG, Paras  
Center Lathe - 6 Feet Madras Machines  
Shaping Machine - 32 Inch Capacity Sagar  
Surface Grinder - 18 Inch OMEGA  
Hack Saw Machine - 12 Inch Capacity JEW  
Aluminium Furance for Vibration Damper Assembly MPE  
Foot Press Shearing Machine Kirit Maneklal  
Zinc Furnace - 12 KW (x 2 no.) MPE  
Electrical Hot Plate MPE  
Centrifuge Machine (300 mm) GEMCO  
Crane - 1 Ton INDEF  
Crane - 0.5 Ton INDEF  
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