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We have developed adequate Chemical, Metallurgical, Mechanical & Electrical testing facility to ensure quality control & inspection at all stages of productions as per specified Quality Assurance Plans.
A Good integration of Manufacturing facilities, quality control system, excellent supply vendor base, Regular calibration of instruments, use of variety of gauges, upgradation and additions in testing facilities, has always ensured trouble free performance to our client over last 33 years.
Performance of ITL Damping systems are also validated by internationally recognized Computer Software Programs to ensure best Vibration Control.

Samples are regularly tested at various independent laboratories as under:

Indian Institute of Technology - MUMBAI


State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, CHINA

Central Power Research Institute - BANGALORE

Structural Engineering Research Centre

Indian Institute of Science - BANGALORE

Some Key testing facilities include:

1) 150 Ton Horizontal Test Bed
2) Heat Cycle Test Arrangement
3) Spectrometer
4) Hardness Testers
5) MPI test machine
6) Metallurgical Microscope
7) 40 Mtr test span for vibration Tests
8) Electro Dynamic Shaker
9) Magnetic Power Loss Test arrangement
10) 60 ton Vertical UTM
11) Dye Penetrant test for non ferrous castings
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